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>> i'm supremely confident people in boston will pull together and move forward as a proud city as they do, the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> law enforcement sources tell use that bomb techs are combing over forensic evidence for clues of the explosive devices. officials are tracking multiple persons of interest include, a man in a hospital being treated for his wounds and they are trying to locate someone who was seen trying to get in a secure part of the parade route five minutes before the bombs went off. >> we understand that some parts of downtown boston remain closed. to what extent are there worries there could be more security issues out there, more bombs possibly in the city? >> i can tell you law inform does not take any chances this morning. we see national guard troops who are out and about.
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there is a perimeter which they are monitoring very closely. the controlled access to certain buildings. i tried to get in a hotel and it was denied entrance. there is a a stepped up alert and traffic is a mess as people try to get to work. everyone is still on edge. >> thank you so much. >> our time is 4:33. new this morning, new home video showing the second blast, a clip posted on youtube was shot in the stands directly across from where the first bomb had just gone off. again, this is video of the second bomb. the first, people were stunned and then someone started shouting, get out of the stands and people began emptying the stamps quickly. there was no panic. >> one of the many injured is a by from martinez watching his
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mother in the race. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at his school at martinez junior high school. >> new updates? >> he is doing okay. he has gone through surgery. no word, though, when he will return home to his school. he is in boston's children's hospital. the 11-year-old was at the finish line with his dad to watch his mother finish the race. he was severely wounded by shrapnel that pierced his leg and thigh and hip. his mother was a few hundred yards away when the bomb went off. he was on the bleachers looking down and the crowd got chaotic...he found him laying down. >> friends say they immediately thought of the family when the bomb went off and say he was so excited about this trip. making the situation even more
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stressful, friends say that his dad was not allowed to ride in the ambulance with him so for a while his parents didn't know what hospital he was in. they have found him at bought's childrens, he had surgery and we are told that his injuries are not life threatening. reporting live from martin news for abc7 news. >> in the aftermath of the bombing, abc7 news spoke by phone with several baby area runners who just finished, one is a well-known marathoners from ross at the spot of the one bomb 20 minutes of with it went off. >> there was a wave of terror and they were not sure which way to turn, what was safe or what was going on. it was a numb -- it was surreal. absolutely surreal. awesome better. upsetting, really, because it just went from being an amazing
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exciting and positive day to, like, heartbreaking. >> april is one of many who travels from the bay area to run the prestigious race. >> we get an runner's view of the explosion with video on youtube of their mother running the race seconds before the explosion. she was wearing a camera on her head when the bomb went off. she was not hurt. obviously, she did not finish the race. >> california police agencies are on heightened state of alert, asking all of us to be vigilant. the highway patrol issued this statement: we urge the public to report to law enforcement anything out of the ordinary with an effective process to hand tell -- handle any threats. next month there is a race here, and the organizers say safety is always the first priority, and
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that over the next few days there will be an asession of plans to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. the race is may 19 and brings tens of throughs of people to san francisco. >> security was stepped up at sporting events in the bay area because of the boston blast. the a's and warriors played in oak last night with an increased in security. as usual, fans at the warriors games went through metal detectors and a's had their bags searched at the coliseum but bomb sniffing dogs came through before the games. the boston blast was on many minds, the fans were not deterred. >> there is a big crowd after something like that, it can make you nervous, but i have noticed extra security presence. >> i will not change anything we do. still support the team. >> despite extra security, some say they still notice occasional lapses with a few fans able to
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walk through the front gate of the coliseum before the became. >> sporting events in boston are canceled for another day. last night's bruins game was called off and a celtics game tonight is rescheduled. the red sox will play their away game in cleveland. >> the boston police have a 15 number to call to reunite with family members and the number is on the screen. it is also on our website at abc7 news cop. >> people in boston are pitching in to help those affected bit bombing, hundreds offering to host them in their homes for free, offering a bed or a couch or a ride, right now through google drive. you can show your support for the people affected bit bombings by sharing this badge on your facebook page, you can see what it reads "our hearts go out to everyone in boston and each person with loved ones running in the boston marathon." share the badge by going to
4:37 am we will bring you continued coverage of the bombings. our reporter is in boston with live reports going later today here on abc7 news and she will tweet updates for you. we have a slide show of the bombing aftermath on our website and >> would you want to look at that weather forecast? yesterday was mighty windy and mighty cold. we will see if we will change it out. >> baby steps, that is what we have in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd showing dry conditions with wind as an issue through the cartinez strait through 5:00 this afternoon with winds at 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusts up to 35 to 45 miles per hour so we could have tree limbs down like we saw yesterday.
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wins now are fastest in novato gusting to 20 and 12 at sfo and 18 at half moon bay. we are waking up to a quiet morning with temperatures in the 40's but fairfield at 52 and brentwood at 51 degrees. through the forecast today, we are going do have mainly sunny conditions, mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and inland and mid-to-upper 50's at the coast. here is leyla gulen. >> good morning, at 4:40, the drive to pleasanton, southbound 680, it is blocking one lane. but it is not causing any slowing. between pleasanton to livermore, there is construction on eastbound 580 and that will be shut down to two lanes until 6:00 a.m. and the san mateo bridge has a high wind advisory. traffic is loading upcoming from hayward into foster city. >> it is 4:41.
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>> in the hours after the boston attack, travel becomes a big challenge for thousands of passengers across the country, and what you can expect today. >> while you were sleeping san francisco police are fired on by a suspect during a high-speed chase. what led to the shooting is ahead.
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covering walnut creek, cam belt, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 4:44. the top story across the country this morning, live at finish line of the boston marathon where the explosions happened yesterday, three people are killed and more than 100 are injured and police and the f.b.i. investigating right now and we will bring you the latest coming up. >> in fact, in a few hours the f.b.i. is expected to hold a briefing into the bombings at the boston marathon. agents searched an apartment in
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the town of revere near boston but will not say what they are looking for or how the home is connected to the investigation. so far they don't have anyone in custody for the attack but the f.b.i. is tracking several "person of interest" after two bombs went off at the boston marathon finish line killing two people including an 8-year-old boy. the child has been identified this morning as martin richard, officials say up to two unexploded bombs were also found near the marathon course but therapy safely disarmed. again, we are just getting word that the f.b.i. briefing is at 6:30 our time so in less than two hours. >> boston's logan airport is open after shutting down for a time after the blast. air travelers tell abc7 news reporter there is more tension on plights now than before the bombs went off. >> travelers would flew into sfo from boston arrived shaken, mike
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from san francisco is thankful he ran in the time he did, but a set back could have changed anything. >> if i had an extra hour, we would have certainly been there. it is quite a realization to think that something so brutal has occurred at a place we were at an hour before. >> jennifer from rhode island neither raced or wanted but was at the airport during the bombings and found out her brother and close friend who were racing were okay. still, she says, the flight was a "rough" ride. >> so many worked so hard to do this on patriots day, tax day, there are all sorts of things running around regarding being an american and new englander that it is just a terrible thing. >> passengers say before take off the pilot offered anyone too shaken to travel to get east plane if they wanted. people arriving from chicago learned of the bombings mid-flight from the pilot and were ordered to stay in their
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seats and if they had to go to the bathroom they had to ask. >> the girl next to us said it was one at a time. we were in coach and could not go to first-class and vice versa. >> the pilot said it was standard operating procedure during times of uncertainty. >> we will have more on boston throughout the morning but first more other news. san francisco is questioning half a dozen people after someone shot at an undercover police car. investigators detained eight people at around 1:00 o'clock this only after an incident began as a chase. according to police an undercough officer drove by suspicious people and three cars and the investigators say someone shot at the unmarked car, the police car, as it made a u-turn. no one was injured.
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>> they teens suspected of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl at saratoga high school will find out today if they can be released from detention. audrie pott committed suicide in september after images of her being sexually assaulted were shared on text messages. the family of audrie pott say they want the teens kept in custody and could be tried as adults. >> the winds have died down. it knocked down trees in several cities including in burlingame. it blocked the road until it could be removed. a viewer sent this video to "you report." and this photo is from union city, when anna heard a crack, grabbed her baby and ran out of the house. her neighbor's tree was collapsing open her property. i saw branches all over the place and small trees down. >> i did, too.
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how will today compare? >> not as bad. but it will be breezy especially around the delta communities and along the bay shore and to the coast where we have small craft advisory. from mount tamalpais, it will be sunny, breezy, and chill and if you head out tonight, 46 in san francisco, 43 at san jose and walnut creek and palo alto are cooler at 40. mill valley is 47 degrees right now. the winds are blowing out here on the ferry building flag at 37 in santa rosa and napa and 52 in fairfield and 49 at los gatos. high pressure is slowly taking over so it will be breezy today
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and still funneling in slightly school air but will modify that with the longer days. we will hit the upper 60's down in santa clara valley with 68 in san jose today. redwood city will be 66. breezy along the coast and cool at mid-to-upper 50's and mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco, and sausalito is 64 and most of the north bay in the mid-to-upper 60's and the beaches are mid-to-upper 50's and the east bay sure is mid-to-upper 60's with oakland at 58. upper 60's throughout the east bay valleys with 69 at walnut creek and antioch, if you are headed to the game it will be chilly tonight at 7:05 first pitch and we will drop from 59 to 53 degrees. the accweather seven-day outlook, tomorrow we are in the 70's away from the coast and 70's and 80's for thursday through the weekend. leyla gulen, good morning. >> a crash in pleasanton has cleared. now i want to take you to highway one where we do have an
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on-ramp from skyline boulevard that will be shut down until 7:00 a.m. and it is not causing any slowing and the great highway is shut down because of the highways that blew sand on the roadway. in the east bay, long ongoing construction project is starting with the eastbound 4 highway shut down for a couple of months. >> thank you, coming up what bay area police are doing this morning to reassure people that we are safe as we can be in the wake of the boston bombing. >> the big challenge facing a measure this morning that could dramatically change gun ownership
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>> this is the so-called green building at the massachusetts institute of technology a few miles from the marathon blast scene. it was lit up in the colors of the american flag in memories of the victims of the boston bombing. >> because of the bombings this
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morning, security is heightened at all major landmarks here in the bay area. that includes the golden gate bridge, and the police chief says the officers are out in force to reassure the public. >> officers in san francisco police department assigned patrol and uniform and put on the street reassuring the public we are out here in numbers. >> bart police say they will not talk about specific security plans but a spokesman tells abc7 news passengers should expect to see more security on trains and platforms. >> san francisco and san jose already banned plastic bags and it could be statewide with a bill banning california groceries and pharmacies from handing out single use plastic bags. similar measures have failed in the state legislature in the past but this time the bill has the support of a california grocers association, the california retailers association
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and environmental groups. >> we were talking about how many trees fell yesterday, so at this point everyone is waiting for the winds to die down. >> they will get their wish. >> it will be slower today and tomorrow as we head town the weekend. i will still be full of pollen with high amounts of tree and moderate grass and ragweed we will have a last. it will be high. we have a few showers. it will be cloudy and 41 at tahoe and 70 in sacramento and fresno where the fastest winds are. the winds are clear great monterey and no need to worry about rain headed to the south at 60 in san diego and 67 in los angeles and 78 in palm springs. safe travels. how is the local commute? >> as we take a look outside through san jose coming along 280 northbound the headlights headed away from 17, a couple of cars out there are not causing
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any congestion. we have construction in san francisco. the transition road from southbound 101 to eastbound 80 will be shut down until 6 a.m. and we are starting to see slowing there as you head over to treasure island in the eastbound direction. as we take a look at drive through pleasanton southbound 680, the your has not caused slowing with the drive through livermore and dublin/pleasanton is not too bad. >> new bombings in iraq this morning adding to a deadly day yesterday. two new car bombs went off this morning injuring nine people and -- actually killing nine people and injuring 27 people. another car bomb hit an army patrol north of baghdad killing two shoulders. yesterday there were a series of car bombs across the country that killed 55 people. the blood shed comes days before the first elections since the
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united states troops withdrew. >> the state senate public safety committee takes up a package of gun control measures. at 9:00 this morning, teachers, doctors, and religious leaders will deliver petitions with tens of thousands of signatures calling for action to prevent gun violence. the life act includes bills that "close loopholes in existing gun laws and require new background checks and ownership records and ban ammunition clips that hold more than ten rounds and ban detachable clips that allow rapid reloading" authored by state senator lee of san francisco. >> up-to-the-minute information on the bombing attacks obtain boston marathon. well hear from bay area people who were there. >> breaking news in the south bay where firefighters are investigating a fire that claimed a young life. we are live with new video of the heart-breaking scene.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, first, the confusion and terror now the questions so far no one has claimed responsibility for the boston marathon bombings with the death toll at three and the number of injured 145, and the attack has the nation on alert. we will have new overnight developments from the boston bombings in a moment but, first, a fatal fire overnight.
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>> a little girl is dead and two more were injured after a fast-moving overnight fire at a home in downtown san jose. investigators are on the scene and so is cornell bernard. >> it is heartbreaking story for the family living in this home behind me on north fifth street in downtown san jose. the firefighters responded to this home on north fifth about 11:30 last night on word people were trapped in an outbuilding behind this main house. the fire was intense. the structure was fully engulfed. the firefighters arrived and tried to make share way inside the structure. when they did, when they were able to, they found the body of a seven-year-old girl. a four-year-old girl and an adult male who were in or around the structure were able to escape the flames and the smoke
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but sadly, they were overcome by smoke inlallation and are being treated as a local hospital at this hour. firefighters are still on the scene trying to assess exactly how the fire started. they are cleaning up the rear of the home and trying to figure out exactly how the fire start started. we talked to the public information officer who told us that it is unclear whether there was smoke detectors working inside the structure. >> now in less than two hours, the f.b.i. is expected to hold a briefing into year's bombing of the boston marathon. agents served a search warrant overnight in the town of revere but do not have anyone in custody. however, the file any is tracking several "persons of interest", the two bombs that

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